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Monday, May 2, 2011

Semakan Tawaran Ke Tingkatan 6 Bawah 2011

Today I went and check the Form 6 Enrollment for year 2011.

Well, I got accepted because I did not get accepted for Matriculation.

So, going to print out the letter by today.


Where in the world is SMK Shahbandaraya!? I demand to be transfer to SMK Seafield. At least I know where Seafield is.

For those who want to check, please click on the link below.


No need to thank me. Thank the government for no need to make us wait for the freaking letter that take way to long to reach in our hands. Just check online and print the letter.

If you are wondering whether I am going to form 6 and the answer is yes. No need to raise your eyebrows. You should save your energy for other things. Why don't try out college? Nah. So late already. I think I just stick with form 6 la. Suffer a bit more and this will really be the final school life.

That's all.
Thank you for you attention and have a nice day!!!

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